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10 Stylish Country Decor Ideas for Your Home 

10 Stylish Country Decor Ideas for Your Home

Looking for something new to do with your home decor? Trying to prepare summer, or interested in making a more permanent transition from your current interior design approach?

Consider using country decor to bring out the beauty of your home!

This is all about creating a rural, natural feel to your personal environment. Some country homes go all out with wood furnishings and even animal skins. Others use a modern twist to combine natural details with lovely white finishes and natural light.

However much you want to commit to the country style, you’ve got to get started somewhere. Here are ten simple, lovely ideas to introduce country decor in your home.

1. Small Wooden Details

One of the most telling signs of country decor is the use of wood in the home. To start adding this more and more, find things like bins, shelves, and photo frames made of wood.

Make sure it looks natural, too. There are plenty of wooden pieces out there that are painted in dark, solid colors. To really get a feel for the country, use a wood that either hasn’t been altered at all or one where the natural curves and lines still show.

2. Big Wooden Statements

Wooden baskets look great in the kitchen or the living room, and small ones are a lovely centerpiece for your dining table. Shelves are a nice accent too, but sometimes, you need to think bigger.

Bring country decor to life in your home with a wooden coffee table, or a new kitchen table. These pieces are major parts of the home and have a beautiful way of creating warmth and comfort.

3. Wicker and Burlap Furniture

As great as wood materials can be, you need a little diversity when setting up your country decor. Get a few pieces made of wicker and/or burlap to add texture and variety.

Set a tall wicker basket by the front or back door to always have a last-minute umbrella or a few beach towels handy. Place a small one on your kitchen counter for fresh produce, or to hold some of your every-day cooking essentials.

Maybe even transform your bedroom reading nook with a big wicker chair. Add a burlap seating cushion and you’re good to go!

4. Cozy, Comfortable Accents

The use of warm colors – whether with wood, wicker, or burlap – helps establish a welcoming environment. But, you’ve got to take this one step further with details that just shout comfort.

Get a big, cozy blanket to keep on the couch. Invest in country-style pillows and sheets for all the bedrooms, too. Beyond the sheets and throws, consider getting candles that reflect the countryside, like scents of amber, pines, or wood.

5. Repurposed Rustic Items

Already picturing yourself curled up in a wicker chair, smelling your favorite country candle? Great, but there are still plenty more country decor details to consider!

Think of some common items you find in a barn, stuff like:

  • a rake
  • glass jars and tin buckets
  • ropes
  • hay and straw

These can all be brought into the home in a wide variety of ways.

All the spikes on a rake can become hooks and hangers with a little bit of creativity. The big feeding bins and small buckets can turn into plant pots and storage areas.

Not to mention, there are so many beautiful signs you can make with the use of rope or straw as lettering! Use these to make statements of one word you want for the home, like “love”, “family”, or “peace.”

Or, create a set of such signs for a bit more personal expression!

6. Beautiful, Brand-New Rustic Finds

Although there’s a certain beauty to repurposing common country items, you can add character to your home with store-bought details, too. After all, the use of country decor is growing in popularity, and many designers are catching on!

You can find many amazing pieces just by browsing your local home design store. Some will be similar to the ideas mentioned above, like rake-like hangers and gorgeous bins and shelving units.

Beyond that, there are incredible, unique pieces to find. You may come across a corkboard and chalkboard set you just have to have. There may be a saying on a slab of wood that gets the feeling you want just right, rather than having to make a sign yourself.

Bottom line, whether you’re a DIY extraordinaire or an avid shopper, you have plenty of options you make your country home come together.

7. Barn-Style Bathroom Decor

Speaking of making your home come together, don’t forget to switch up the bathroom a bit! This way, the feel of country decor is consistent in every room.

All you have to do is add a wooden countertop around the sink, or a panel of wood to border the mirror. Consider swapping out your current storage unit for wooden shelves.

Make use of your natural light and maybe add a fresh plant to bring a little more life and comfort, too.

8. A Barn Door

To really make your new decor style complete, find a place to put a barn door.

Although they’re classic of country homes, barn doors are absolutely beautiful any way you spin them. You just have to find where this door would look just right.

Maybe you use this as the new divider between the kitchen and the dining room. Maybe, you put a barn door somewhere in your master closet and bathroom area.

Wherever it goes, pay close attention to the color and finish. There are many kinds of barn doors out there, and when it comes to such a bold detail, you want to get it just right.

Transform Your Home with Country Decor

Whether you’re all-in on the barn door idea or you just want a few little details to start adding a country feel to your home, you’ve come to the right place. Primci is your ultimate source for all things country and beautiful design.

From bath and bedding to kitchen and dining, and all the little details in between, we have just what you need to turn your home into a stunning country setting.

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Top 10 Rustic Design Tips for 2022

Park Designs - Rustic Retreat Mixing Bowl Set 493-689

Top 10 Rustic Design Tips for 2022

July 28, 2022|Decor, Decorating Tips, Rustic

When you think of rustic design, chances are visions of natural, warm elements fill your mind. It’s a thought as cozy as wrapping yourself in a blanket with your favorite hot beverage.

And for that reason, rustic design is a popular style with people from all walks of life. They’re drawn to the charming, homey feel it emits. It creates a space that people want to gather and relax in.

The best thing about it is, rustic elements can be blended into about any design scheme. So if you like to incorporate simple touches of it or want a complete room overhaul, there are rustic features that are right for you.

But where should you start? Right here is a good place! Let’s talk about the top 10 tips to help you bring rustic design into your own home.

1. Exposed Wooden Beams

Nothing quite brings character to a room like exposed wooden beams do. This architectural feature is coveted by many homeowners today and can increase the value of your house.

There are many different wooden beams to choose from these days, from reclaimed historic beams to the much more wallet-friendly faux beams. The faux beams have come a long way, giving an extremely realistic appearance, it’s lightweight, and affordable (I figured that deserved mentioning again).

Adding exposed wooden beams actually give the feeling of space in a small room or will bring the size of a vaulted ceiling down to a more cozy level.

2. Sliding Barn Door

Dress up any doorway with a sliding barn door. Once a staple feature in barns and warehouses, barn doors bring a fun, rustic feature into any home today.

Due to their popularity, barn doors can be completely customized to fit any d?cor or door size. With the combination of metal hardware features and wooden door, everyone will love it’s natural, industrialized look.

3. Shiplap

Thanks to HGTV’s Joanna Gaines, shiplap has become a popular word in interior design. Once used to keep historical buildings water-tight, the wood planks are now commonly used to decoratively clad interior walls.

This farmhouse feature can be painted or left unfinished, used on one wall as an accent or used throughout an entire room. Whatever your design needs call for!

One thing is for sure, however… it’s sure to bring rustic texture and aesthetic interest to any home.

4. Mixture of Natural Textures

Nothing says cozy like a room filled with natural fabrics and textures. And luckily rustic design is all about bringing the outdoors in.

You can blend things like linen curtains with leather furniture. Layer jute rugs under a wood and metal accented coffee table. Fill a rope basket with fluffy cotton blankets or pillows. Or pile up the blankets and pillows on a wrought-iron bed.

These natural fibers and materials work in any combination to give a room the natural, relaxed feeling your family will want to hang out in.

5. Farmhouse Sink

And we can’t forget about the kitchen! What’s a rustic home without a homey kitchen to cook in?

Farmhouse sinks, or apron sinks as they’re sometimes called, are popular and for good reason. Originally found in historic rural homes, these sinks are usually large and deep, with an “apron” front that was designed for comfort since it didn’t require the front countertop to get in the way.

Today these sinks come in a variety of materials and sizes to fit into any kitchen d?cor.

6. Wide-Plank Wood Floors

Historic homes are known for their wide-planked floor. Back when large, old trees were plenty, wide planked floors were a common feature.

You can bring the look of that rustic history into your own home by installing wooden wide plank flooring. Usually available in an engineered wood material, they come in a variety of colors and textures for any home. Or if you’re wanting the real deal, reclaimed flooring from an old building would be the way to go.

7. Distressed Furniture Accents

Another way to bring character into your home is with distressed furniture. These can come in the form of antiques or furniture you distress yourself.

Consider using a large farmhouse table or rustic cupboard in your dining room. Or maybe a distressed headboard and night tables in your bedroom.

Bringing distressed pieces into your home can give it the feeling of history and lived-in warmth you’ve been after.

8. Rustic Lighting

Rustic lighting can be fun to play and experiment with, and it doesn’t have to be expensive either.

Try hanging lanterns as wall sconces or sitting lanterns out filled with candles. Mason jars with Edison light bulbs make for unique hanging fixtures. Or even make centerpieces crafted with small logs with candles placed inside.

Anything that brings the outdoors in can be a lovely addition to your rustic decor.

9. Open Shelving

Believe it or not, before the 1920’s, closed shelving in kitchens weren’t very common. Open shelving was designed for ease of use, practicality, and for open space.

Today we use it more as decorative than practicality, but open shelving brings character into a rustic kitchen where regular cabinets can miss the mark.

Stacked vintage dinnerware, mason jars, or displays of wildflowers on wooden shelves bring the homey feeling into your kitchen.

10. Rustic Signs

An easy design element to add to any room is rustic sign wall hangings. Usually made out of wood or metal, these come in all shapes and sizes.

Kitchen signs that say “Supermarket” or “Grocery” are always fun. Or hang a big wooden “Laundry” sign in the laundry room.

Really the sky is the limit here. You can find all types of rustic signs in flea markets, craft stores, and specialty shops.

These Rustic Design Features Are Sure to Compliment Any Home

No matter what your existing home decor is, adding rustic touches can compliment any room and bring the warm, cozy feeling into your home.

Have questions about our products? Feel free to contact us today! And be sure to read more design tips on our blog.

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Tips for a Rustic Decor Style at Home

Rustic Decor Style

Wishing your home had more of a rustic feel, but not really sure what designs to incorporate to get the look you want?

Creating a rustic decor style in your home can be a lot of fun. The right decor scheme can give your home that mountain breeze, campfire feel that you crave year around. 

Yet, rustic decor style thrives on simplicity. Too many designs and pieces can make your home feel cluttered- the opposite of the effect you want!

So, to know just what you need to achieve a quaint, rustic style in your home, read this article. We got the top tips right here for you!

1. Focus on Architectural Features

When it comes to achieving a rustic look in your home, focusing on the architectural structures goes a long way. 

Wide wooden plank floors, weathered ceilings, and paneled walls are all great ways to set the foundation for a rustic look in your home. 

In order to keep the look as natural as possible, stay away from painting wood. Instead, consider blending wood types, such as birch bark, knotty pine, and oak to get that “inside a treehouse” feeling. 

2. Incorporate Bold, Simple Designs 

Using wood as a foundation for your rustic decor style will establish a dramatic presence. 

In order to complement this dramatic presence, you’ll want to stay away from dainty furniture and layers of patterns. 

Instead, focus on incorporating furnishings that are visual in weight and large in scale, such as braided rugs or punched-tin shades. 

Textiles should also be bold and simple in design-think mattress-ticking stripes and buffalo plaids. 

3. Make Use of Found Objects

Good news, choosing a rustic style for your home can actually be budget-friendly!

Found objects, such as nuts, across, twigs, tree stumps, and dried leaves can make for great accents and centerpieces. 

Mound some pinecones in a bowl or fill a vase with some fresh ferns. 

Just be aware that some accents, like antlers and some seashells, can be illegal to collect. So just make sure you aren’t breaking the law in the name of a good centerpiece.

Plus, a lot of faux pieces can look just as good as the original, and they’re much easier to get ahold of. 

4. Cozy Entrance 

Now, we can’t talk about rustic decor style without talking about its most important element, a fireplace. 

If you have a fireplace already and want to give it more of a rustic touch, consider installing hefty rocks around it to complete the look. 

Complete the look with a nice painting overhead of a wooded glen or some other natural scene. 


Remember, rustic doesn’t have to be cluttered and outdated. If done right, it can be both refreshing and timeless. 

And, if you have a partner who isn’t totally sold on the rustic look, you can easily combine styles. Rustic modern, rustic industrial, and rustic traditional are great blended options worth exploring. 

Got any questions or ideas for creating a rustic style decor in your home? Contact us. Or drop us a comment below!

Or drop us a comment below!

Our readers would love to hear from you. 

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How to Get the Rustic Minimalism Look in Your Home

Rustic Minimalism

Have you heard of rustic minimalism? This home design trend combines the clean simplicity of minimalist design with the cozy warmth of rustic country decor.

Like any niche home design trend, getting the look just right can be tricky. Luckily, we put together a guide to giving your home a rustic minimalism makeover.

Check out our handy rustic minimalism guide below!

How to Get the Rustic Minimalism Look in Your Home

This trendy home design look is actually really easy to achieve.

Combine Stone With Terracotta

When it comes to rustic minimalism (and home design in general) it all comes down to the materials. Textures, colors, shapes, and prints can make or break a particular home design niche.

Rustic minimalism translates well with two particular materials– terracotta and stone. These neutral, natural-looking materials can find their place in a rustic minimalist space through decor, flooring, or wallcoverings.

Think Outside Scandinavian Design

Minimalism is often associated with Scandinavian design, particularly Finnish and Swedish design. Don’t get us wrong– Scandinavian minimalist design is breathtaking in its simplicity. But rustic minimalism is a bit different.

Think more worldly when composing and designing your rustic minimalism space. Try using prints and colors that are more American Appalachian or Southern to get that country feel.

Be Mindful Of Lighting

When we think of minimalist lighting, we often think of blue-toned fluorescent lighting that can help the whites in the minimalist space pop. Similarly, rustic country design often features dim lighting, opting for natural light through window lighting.

For rustic minimalism, we’re looking at a warmer, cozier glow. Opt for yellow or warm-toned lightbulbs and brassy fixtures to bring a rustic room together.

Wood, Wood, And More Wood

If you’re thinking about doing a full renovation and are interesting in sticking to a rustic minimalist design, it would be wise to consider all wood paneling and wall coverings.

Lighter woods like birch look beautiful for many types of home aesthetics, but there are two niches where it really thrives– minimalism and rustic country.

Since we’re combining the two aesthetics into one niche, using natural-looking unfinished wood for the walls and floor is a great way to get the country look without using too much (read: not minimalist) wood-based decor.

Choosing Decor

This is the fun part! Choosing decor that works well in both a minimalist and rustic space is both challenging and fun. For a room, there are many combinations of decor to choose from:

  • Hammocks
  • Wicker and brass baskets
  • Natural rugs, such as animal skin or woven materials
  • Wood-based furnishings
  • Wood ladders
  • Hanging rustic hats
  • Rustic paintings
  • Logs
  • Ceramic vases

The key is to not go overboard with the decor. Minimalism is based on the “less is more” mentality. Rustic design, however, is often loaded with decor. Finding the right few pieces to incorporate into space is important.

How was our guide to rustic minimalism in home design? Tell us what you think, along with your own tips for achieving rustic minimalism in the home, in the comments below!

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5 Ways to Turn Your Master into a Farmhouse Bedroom

Farmhouse Bedroom

Your bedroom is your sanctuary.

It should be a peaceful, stylish place that you enjoy heading to.

Farmhouse bedrooms are becoming more and more popular, and this style can invoke peace and calm.

If you are looking to switch up your style and transform your master bedroom into a farmhouse bedroom, we’re here to help.

Read on to see the five ways you can create a beautiful farmhouse bedroom.

1. Choose a cozy paint color for your farmhouse bedroom

The best way to transform any bedroom is with a fresh coat of paint.

And the right paint color can set the mood of your bedroom.

To achieve the right mix of cozy and farmhouse, you want to choose a calm or cheery color.

Some great colors for this type of style are:

  • Pale yellow – This can create a fun, cheerful atmosphere in your bedroom.
  • Neutral, light gray – A neutral color allows you to accessorize in other places of your bedroom. Gray can also create a calm and cozy feeling in your room.
  • Off white – Off white creates a blank, clean looking room that allows you to create an oasis with your decor. It also isn’t stark white, which sometimes creates a cold or sterile feeling.

2. Find rustic furniture

The key to creating a beautiful farmhouse bedroom is to make sure the furniture in your bedroom fits the style.

Rustic furniture doesn’t mean that you need to build your own. In fact, many furniture stores nowadays carry this type of rustic feel.

Much of the furniture you will see in a farmhouse type room should be made of wood, or look weathered or antiqued in some way.

3. Add natural elements

In many bedrooms inspired by a farmhouse have elements from nature incorporated in them. 

A great way to add a more natural look to your room is by adding a statement wall. 

Statement walls are super easy to create, and you can use wood elements to create a more rustic look.

Even some great farmhouse wall art or natural paintings can add to the farmhouse look. 

4. Choose pretty prints

Prints make a huge difference when you are trying to recreate a farmhouse-inspired bedroom. 

Delicate, floral prints work well, especially if you chose a neutral paint color.

You can work these into your bedspread or throw pillows. Even beautifully printed accent rugs make a great statement in a bedroom.

5. Mix in a bit of industrial

A lot of modern farmhouse inspired bedrooms incorporate industrial furniture and accessories. This keeps things from looking too outdated.

You can incorporate an industrial look with a pop of copper or metals. 

Lamps with metal or copper accents provide a great touch of industrial. You can also choose furniture with industrial metal accents that keep your room looking modern but cozy. 


There are tons of new trends coming and going. But if you are looking for a style that incorporates modern and classic looks, you may want to try the farmhouse style.

Transforming your bedroom into a farmhouse inspired room is relatively easy.

Just make sure that you are choosing neutral or pastel colors and incorporating natural pieces throughout the room.

What are some other ways that you can transform the bedroom to a farmhouse look? Let us know in the comments! 

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Top Tips to Stay up on Interior Design Trends this Year

Whether you’re in the process of moving into a new home or redecorating your family home, it can be difficult to stay on top of interior design trends.

Sometimes they change like the wind, and sometimes they’re just tacky. However, some trends endure. When incorporated properly into your home, they can make your space look modern and fresh.

If you’re bogged down by different ways to keep your home stylish, we’ve got five of the top trends for 2017 right here.


It may be surprising given society’s lowering attention spans, but interior design trends seem to be shifting toward tech-free spaces.

This may have something to do with the minimalism trend. Less is more. Technology tends to clutter our minds as well as our living spaces.

Bedrooms are starting to forego TVs in exchange for a quiet, peaceful atmosphere that lets you relax and remain unplugged. After all – if you can’t unwind and disconnect in your own home, where else can you?


If you think you’ve seen a lot of fur in the most luxurious homes these past few months, you haven’t been imagining it! Fur is a great way to spruce up and add a chic, expensive-looking element to your home.

Most of the fur used this way is faux fur, and it’s inspired by Nordic design.

Just a little bit of fur is enough; you definitely don’t want to go overboard. Drape it over your couch, use it as a rug, or use it to cover your dining chairs for that expert touch of luxury.


Geometric patterns have been popping up everywhere, from abstract art to tattoos. An easy way to add a modern touch to your home is to add some geometric artwork.

What’s interesting about this particular trend is that it doesn’t utilize bright, eye-catching colors. These designs tend to stick to black and white.

This could be another trend inspired by minimalism, or it could just be a sign that we all need to rest our eyes. Regardless, geometric patterns are a great addition to your walls, regardless of what room needs sprucing up.


Bring a little bit of nature into your home with geodes!

Once broken open, geodes can reveal beautiful, sparkling patterns of crystal. Place them on your surfaces to create a mystical vibe in your home!

Even if you don’t follow their reported magical properties, they can add a great splash of color and air of sophistication to your home.

Warm metal

Warm metals have definitely ben one of the biggest interior design trends this year! Gone is the cool sleekness of silver, and it’s been exchanged for shades of rose and yellow gold.

Especially when combined with pastels or a stark white, warm metals provide an inviting and dazzling pop. To keep your furniture from looking dated (let’s not remember the gaudiness of furniture in the 90s), try a matte version of these metals.

Stay ahead of the top interior design trends

Trends are constantly changing, meaning that keeping up with every single one might be impossible. Decorating your home is stressful enough as it is, and incorporating too much can leave your home feeling bogged down and gaudy.

Think of these trends as light brush strokes. Apply them sparingly and your home will have that fresh feel that it deserves!

Looking for that perfect trendy touch? Shop our options or contact us!