How to Get the Rustic Minimalism Look in Your Home

Have you heard of rustic minimalism? This home design trend combines the clean simplicity of minimalist design with the cozy warmth of rustic country decor.

Like any niche home design trend, getting the look just right can be tricky. Luckily, we put together a guide to giving your home a rustic minimalism makeover.

Check out our handy rustic minimalism guide below!

How to Get the Rustic Minimalism Look in Your Home

This trendy home design look is actually really easy to achieve.

Combine Stone With Terracotta

When it comes to rustic minimalism (and home design in general) it all comes down to the materials. Textures, colors, shapes, and prints can make or break a particular home design niche.

Rustic minimalism translates well with two particular materials– terracotta and stone. These neutral, natural-looking materials can find their place in a rustic minimalist space through decor, flooring, or wallcoverings.

Think Outside Scandinavian Design

Minimalism is often associated with Scandinavian design, particularly Finnish and Swedish design. Don’t get us wrong– Scandinavian minimalist design is breathtaking in its simplicity. But rustic minimalism is a bit different.

Think more worldly when composing and designing your rustic minimalism space. Try using prints and colors that are more American Appalachian or Southern to get that country feel.

Be Mindful Of Lighting

When we think of minimalist lighting, we often think of blue-toned fluorescent lighting that can help the whites in the minimalist space pop. Similarly, rustic country design often features dim lighting, opting for natural light through window lighting.

For rustic minimalism, we’re looking at a warmer, cozier glow. Opt for yellow or warm-toned lightbulbs and brassy fixtures to bring a rustic room together.

Wood, Wood, And More Wood

If you’re thinking about doing a full renovation and are interesting in sticking to a rustic minimalist design, it would be wise to consider all wood paneling and wall coverings.

Lighter woods like birch look beautiful for many types of home aesthetics, but there are two niches where it really thrives– minimalism and rustic country.

Since we’re combining the two aesthetics into one niche, using natural-looking unfinished wood for the walls and floor is a great way to get the country look without using too much (read: not minimalist) wood-based decor.

Choosing Decor

This is the fun part! Choosing decor that works well in both a minimalist and rustic space is both challenging and fun. For a room, there are many combinations of decor to choose from:

  • Hammocks
  • Wicker and brass baskets
  • Natural rugs, such as animal skin or woven materials
  • Wood-based furnishings
  • Wood ladders
  • Hanging rustic hats
  • Rustic paintings
  • Logs
  • Ceramic vases

The key is to not go overboard with the decor. Minimalism is based on the “less is more” mentality. Rustic design, however, is often loaded with decor. Finding the right few pieces to incorporate into space is important.

How was our guide to rustic minimalism in home design? Tell us what you think, along with your own tips for achieving rustic minimalism in the home, in the comments below!

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