10 Stylish Country Decor Ideas for Your Home 

Looking for something new to do with your home decor? Trying to prepare summer, or interested in making a more permanent transition from your current interior design approach?

Consider using country decor to bring out the beauty of your home!

This is all about creating a rural, natural feel to your personal environment. Some country homes go all out with wood furnishings and even animal skins. Others use a modern twist to combine natural details with lovely white finishes and natural light.

However much you want to commit to the country style, you’ve got to get started somewhere. Here are ten simple, lovely ideas to introduce country decor in your home.

1. Small Wooden Details

One of the most telling signs of country decor is the use of wood in the home. To start adding this more and more, find things like bins, shelves, and photo frames made of wood.

Make sure it looks natural, too. There are plenty of wooden pieces out there that are painted in dark, solid colors. To really get a feel for the country, use a wood that either hasn’t been altered at all or one where the natural curves and lines still show.

2. Big Wooden Statements

Wooden baskets look great in the kitchen or the living room, and small ones are a lovely centerpiece for your dining table. Shelves are a nice accent too, but sometimes, you need to think bigger.

Bring country decor to life in your home with a wooden coffee table, or a new kitchen table. These pieces are major parts of the home and have a beautiful way of creating warmth and comfort.

3. Wicker and Burlap Furniture

As great as wood materials can be, you need a little diversity when setting up your country decor. Get a few pieces made of wicker and/or burlap to add texture and variety.

Set a tall wicker basket by the front or back door to always have a last-minute umbrella or a few beach towels handy. Place a small one on your kitchen counter for fresh produce, or to hold some of your every-day cooking essentials.

Maybe even transform your bedroom reading nook with a big wicker chair. Add a burlap seating cushion and you’re good to go!

4. Cozy, Comfortable Accents

The use of warm colors – whether with wood, wicker, or burlap – helps establish a welcoming environment. But, you’ve got to take this one step further with details that just shout comfort.

Get a big, cozy blanket to keep on the couch. Invest in country-style pillows and sheets for all the bedrooms, too. Beyond the sheets and throws, consider getting candles that reflect the countryside, like scents of amber, pines, or wood.

5. Repurposed Rustic Items

Already picturing yourself curled up in a wicker chair, smelling your favorite country candle? Great, but there are still plenty more country decor details to consider!

Think of some common items you find in a barn, stuff like:

  • a rake
  • glass jars and tin buckets
  • ropes
  • hay and straw

These can all be brought into the home in a wide variety of ways.

All the spikes on a rake can become hooks and hangers with a little bit of creativity. The big feeding bins and small buckets can turn into plant pots and storage areas.

Not to mention, there are so many beautiful signs you can make with the use of rope or straw as lettering! Use these to make statements of one word you want for the home, like “love”, “family”, or “peace.”

Or, create a set of such signs for a bit more personal expression!

6. Beautiful, Brand-New Rustic Finds

Although there’s a certain beauty to repurposing common country items, you can add character to your home with store-bought details, too. After all, the use of country decor is growing in popularity, and many designers are catching on!

You can find many amazing pieces just by browsing your local home design store. Some will be similar to the ideas mentioned above, like rake-like hangers and gorgeous bins and shelving units.

Beyond that, there are incredible, unique pieces to find. You may come across a corkboard and chalkboard set you just have to have. There may be a saying on a slab of wood that gets the feeling you want just right, rather than having to make a sign yourself.

Bottom line, whether you’re a DIY extraordinaire or an avid shopper, you have plenty of options you make your country home come together.

7. Barn-Style Bathroom Decor

Speaking of making your home come together, don’t forget to switch up the bathroom a bit! This way, the feel of country decor is consistent in every room.

All you have to do is add a wooden countertop around the sink, or a panel of wood to border the mirror. Consider swapping out your current storage unit for wooden shelves.

Make use of your natural light and maybe add a fresh plant to bring a little more life and comfort, too.

8. A Barn Door

To really make your new decor style complete, find a place to put a barn door.

Although they’re classic of country homes, barn doors are absolutely beautiful any way you spin them. You just have to find where this door would look just right.

Maybe you use this as the new divider between the kitchen and the dining room. Maybe, you put a barn door somewhere in your master closet and bathroom area.

Wherever it goes, pay close attention to the color and finish. There are many kinds of barn doors out there, and when it comes to such a bold detail, you want to get it just right.

Transform Your Home with Country Decor

Whether you’re all-in on the barn door idea or you just want a few little details to start adding a country feel to your home, you’ve come to the right place. Primci is your ultimate source for all things country and beautiful design.

From bath and bedding to kitchen and dining, and all the little details in between, we have just what you need to turn your home into a stunning country setting.

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