Tips for a Rustic Decor Style at Home

Wishing your home had more of a rustic feel, but not really sure what designs to incorporate to get the look you want?

Creating a rustic decor style in your home can be a lot of fun. The right decor scheme can give your home that mountain breeze, campfire feel that you crave year around. 

Yet, rustic decor style thrives on simplicity. Too many designs and pieces can make your home feel cluttered- the opposite of the effect you want!

So, to know just what you need to achieve a quaint, rustic style in your home, read this article. We got the top tips right here for you!

1. Focus on Architectural Features

When it comes to achieving a rustic look in your home, focusing on the architectural structures goes a long way. 

Wide wooden plank floors, weathered ceilings, and paneled walls are all great ways to set the foundation for a rustic look in your home. 

In order to keep the look as natural as possible, stay away from painting wood. Instead, consider blending wood types, such as birch bark, knotty pine, and oak to get that “inside a treehouse” feeling. 

2. Incorporate Bold, Simple Designs 

Using wood as a foundation for your rustic decor style will establish a dramatic presence. 

In order to complement this dramatic presence, you’ll want to stay away from dainty furniture and layers of patterns. 

Instead, focus on incorporating furnishings that are visual in weight and large in scale, such as braided rugs or punched-tin shades. 

Textiles should also be bold and simple in design-think mattress-ticking stripes and buffalo plaids. 

3. Make Use of Found Objects

Good news, choosing a rustic style for your home can actually be budget-friendly!

Found objects, such as nuts, across, twigs, tree stumps, and dried leaves can make for great accents and centerpieces. 

Mound some pinecones in a bowl or fill a vase with some fresh ferns. 

Just be aware that some accents, like antlers and some seashells, can be illegal to collect. So just make sure you aren’t breaking the law in the name of a good centerpiece.

Plus, a lot of faux pieces can look just as good as the original, and they’re much easier to get ahold of. 

4. Cozy Entrance 

Now, we can’t talk about rustic decor style without talking about its most important element, a fireplace. 

If you have a fireplace already and want to give it more of a rustic touch, consider installing hefty rocks around it to complete the look. 

Complete the look with a nice painting overhead of a wooded glen or some other natural scene. 


Remember, rustic doesn’t have to be cluttered and outdated. If done right, it can be both refreshing and timeless. 

And, if you have a partner who isn’t totally sold on the rustic look, you can easily combine styles. Rustic modern, rustic industrial, and rustic traditional are great blended options worth exploring. 

Got any questions or ideas for creating a rustic style decor in your home? Contact us. Or drop us a comment below!

Or drop us a comment below!

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